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            Standard Code

            Standard Name

            GB12459   Steel butt-welding seamless pipe fittings
            GB/T13401   Steel plant butt-welding pipe fittings
            GB/T14383   Forged steel socket welding pipe fittings
            GB/T14626   Forged steel threaded pipe fittings
            GB/T10752   Steel pipe butt-welding joints for ship
            GB*694   Expansion joints
            GB2506   Lap welding steel flanges for ship
            GB10746   Butt-welding stell flanges for ship
            GB9112-9131   Steel pipe flanges and gaskets
            GB/T12465   Piping sleeve expansion joints
            GB/T14414   Sleeving pipe joints
            SH3065   Specification for tube furnace sharp bend for petrochemical industry
            SH3406   Steel pipe flanges for petrochemical industry
            SH3408   Steel butt-welding fittings
            SH3409   Steel plant butt-welding fittings
            SH3410   Forged steel socket-welded fittings
            SY5257   Petroleum and natural gas industry standard
            HGJ10(HG/T21634)   Forged steel socket-welded fittings
            HGJ514(HG/T21635)   Carbon steel,low-alloy steel butt-welded seamless fittings
            HGJ528(HG/T21631)   Steel plate butt-welding fittings
            HGJ529(HG/T21632)   Forged steel socket welding threaded and butt-welding outlet
            HG20592-20635   Typical design manual of pipe parts for steam power plant
            DL/T515   Bends for power plant
            DL/T695   Steel pipe butt welding fittings for power plant
            SY/T0510   Steel butt-welede pipe fittings
            SY5257   Steel bends
            ISO3419   Non-alloy steel and alloy steel butt-welding fittings
            ISO5251   Stainless steel butt-welding fittings
            ASME B16.9   Factory-made wrought steel buttwelding fittings
            ASME B16.5   Pipe flanges and flanged fittings
            ASME B16.11   Forged fittings socket-welding and threaded
            ASME B16.28   Wrought steel buttwelding short radius elbows and returns
            MSS SP-43   Wrought stainless steel butt-welding fittings
            MSS SP-75   Specification for high test wrought butt welding fittings
            MSS SP-79   Socket-welding reducer inserts
            MSS SP-83   Class 3000 steel pipe unions socket-welding and threaded
            MSS SP-95   Swage(d)nipples and bull plugs
            MSS SP-97   Integrally reinforced forged branch outlet fittings-socket welding,threaded and butt-welding ends
            JPF SP001   Stainless steel lap joint stub end
            JIS B2311   Universal steel butt-welding pipe fittings
            JIS B2312   Steel butt-welding pipe fittings
            JIS B2313   Steel plate butt-welding pipe fittings
            JIS B2316   Steel socket-welding pipe fittings
            DIN 2605   Steel butt-welding pipe fittings,elbows and bends
            DIN 2615   Steel butt-welding pipe fittings,tees
            DIN 2616   Steel butt-welding pipe fittings,reducer
            DIN 2617   Steel butt-welding pipe fittings,caps
            CBM 1129   Expansion joints
            H67   High-pressure pipe fitting pipe fittings and fastening piece universal design standards
            GB150   Steel pressure vessel
            GB233.1-50   Steel and alloy chemical analysis method
            GB10561   E valuating method of emerging occluded foreign nonmetallic substance in steel
            GB/T228   Test method of drawing metal
            GB/T229   Test method of striking holes of metal
            GB/T231   Test method of brinellhardness of metal
            GB/T232   Test method of bend of metal
            GB226   Test of pickling low-multiple form & lacuna of steel
            GB4334.1-9   Test of corroding tendency among crystals of stainless steel and acid resistant steel
            JB755   Technical conditions of forged parts of pressure vessel
            JB4708   Welding technics qualification for steel pressure vessels
            JB4709   Welding specification for steel pressure vessels
            JB4730   Non-Destructive Examination of pressure vessel
            GB/T13384   Packing of pipe fitting products



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